Comprehensive Eye Exams in Macon, Georgia

At Brown’s Eye Center, you will find that we take a lot of pride in being able to match you up with the absolute perfect prescription. Our eye exams are thorough and detail oriented to ensure we spot every little thing that might need to be corrected to give you the best vision possible.

You can count on us to find the true source of your vision issues so we can suggest solutions that correct the real problems.

comprehensive-eye-examWe Will Check For:

•  Astigmatism
•  Cataracts
•  Conjunctivitis
•  Diabetic Retinopathy
•  Glaucoma
•  Hyperopia
•  Macular Degeneration
•  Myopia
•  Presbyopia
•  Retinitis Pigmentosa
•  Visual Acuity
•  And More